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About Me

As a student of the trumpet for over 20 years, I've performed and taught music in a variety of settings both in the US and overseas and have been a part of multiple ensembles including Ensemble Du Monde, The Dream Unfinished and my own brass quintet Parallel Brass to name a few. I am currently both a performer and a music educator. It has been immensely fulfilling to pass along my love of music to youth who might not have otherwise had the opportunity to learn it. My life has been inextricably linked with music since the age of 13 and I am excited to see where this journey will continue to lead.




Richard has over 20 years of trumpet performance experience including Classical, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Contemporary Music and Show-tunes. As a recording artist, he has also had the privilege of co-recording his own Smooth Jazz album. Check out his Music page to hear more.

As a music educator in a Title I high school, Richard has learned the ins and outs of teaching music in an urban environment and beginning a music program from scratch. He  can provide consultation to other educators as well as school districts about how to develop, recruit for and run music programs effectively to make a difference in their schools and communities.

Richard offers private lessons to students of all ages (ranging from 2 years old and upward) in all brass instruments, piano and guitar. Reach out to Richard for a consultation.



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