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Richard Fields received his Master's Degrees in Classical Trumpet Performance from SUNY Purchase and Music Education from Columbia University as well as his New York State Teacher Certification from Brooklyn College. He initiated a band program in his previous school which he directed for several years. During his time as a part of a Title I school, he worked with students mainly from a low income background who had not had any former musical training. Many of his students also had learning differences, which required a flexible and creative approach to teaching music.


He applied for and received multiple grants to purchase instruments for his previous school and developed a 100+-piece band program, teaching music to over 200 students. Through partnerships with the community and other educators, he organized performing arts showcases at the school incorporating band, dance, drama and chorus and inviting the students to dream bigger dreams for themselves.

Contact Richard for Master Classes or a consultation around how you can start a music program at your school.

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