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Richard Fields entered the world of professional trumpet performance at age 16 and has had a passion for performance since. He has performed internationally with Ensemble Du Monde and has used his music to pursue social justice as a part of The Dream Unfinished and the Colour of Music festivals. He has performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, David Geffmen Hall, the Kaufman Center, and the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, among others, with audiences ranging from 50 to 17,000 attendees. He continues to perform locally and internationally and has performed music in both The Bahamas and The Guadeloupe Islands (as a part of the Saint Georges International Music Festival with Maestro Marlon Daniel).


In addition, Richard founded the brass quintet, Parallel Brass, which is committed to promoting quality music education for youth of all racial and socio-economic backgrounds. Some of his other notable performances and ensembles include:

  • New World Symphony

  • Miami Symphony

  • Bravo Vail Valley Festival Brass quintet

  • Soloist with the St. Peter Choral

  • National Symphony Orchestra of Merida, Mexico

  • The Dream Unfinished (An Activist Orchestra)

  • West Rock Brass Quintet


Contact Richard to book performances and gigs.

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